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Draft League 3.0

By SportsHub, 08/20/19, 3:30PM EDT


Are you ready for Session 3 of the Draft League? We are! This session is loaded with 8 teams in Columbus. With new rules and new teams, it's looking to be a great session. 

First, the Draft Combine is August 24th from 4pm to 6pm. Anyone who has been in the league before does not have to participate in the combine. But they will need to register before it. All new comers must be at the combine. We want to avoid sleepers like last session. 

Next, the Draft will take place on Sunday, September 1. The Draft will be broadcast live on our Facebook page. Before the Draft, we will put out a complete list of who is eligible to be drafted and the draft order. 

Speaking of the Draft, we have a new system this session. The draft order will be based on the results of the last session. The order will go worst to best record. New teams will be put at the top of the draft.

Additionally, teams are able to keep two players from last session. For every player a team keeps, they will forfeit a round in the draft. 

After teams are drafted, there will be scrimmages on September 7. Teams will be able to test Chemistry before the session. 

Session starts September 14th at 6:00 pm. 

  1. StarCards
  2. The Boyz
  3. Rockboyz
  4. Magic
  5. Knights
  6. Goon Squad
  7. Brotherhood

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